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I'm Kyla Elizabeth, Visual Artist and Designer, born and based in Winston-Salem, NC. I’ve been an artist for as long as I can remember, but I didn't know it. I didn't understand what it meant to be an Artist. I didn't understand that I had the power to heal my negative emotions by expressing them through creating.


I graduated from North Carolina Agricultural & Technical State University with a degree in Visual Arts & Media Design. I've had the opportunity to work within my career field since 2016 while working at The African American Atelier, Inc. as a teacher, art director and youth program director. Shortly after my 4 years working with the non-profit organization, I started working for Guilford County Schools as an Art Teacher. Currently I am a Full-Time Artist using my creativity and talent independently. 

My work is inspired by my dynamic, consistent eerie and positive thoughts. As an Artist i’ve learned in order to create I have to destroy and recreate. Many of my pieces are recycled segments from older pieces, scraps, and sketchbooks. I am drawn to contrasting colors, shapes, lines and textures. In order to create texture and depth, I incorporate torn book paper, documents, and sketches in majority of my works.  I use continuous circles to symbolize the existence of ancestors contributing to my creative practice. I truly believe that my ancestors guide me through my creative process, allowing. me to explore various ideas and mediums. Each stroke of paint or stitch of thread is a binding connection between my ancestors and myself.

Currently I am working on two series “By Needle and Thread” and “ Surreal Dreams”. “By Needle and Thread” is a series of Mixed Media artworks created by arranging color, form and texture. This series is used to create open discussions of emotions triggered by the use of color. “Surreal Dreams” is a collection of personal dreams. Since a child i’ve had continuous surreal dreams that imprints vivid compositions that may last throughout the day. Most of my dreams are eerie and confusing, and this series is allows me to unpack and process my dreams. It also allows the viewer an opportunity to experience my dream world.



Visual Artist, Arts Educator

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