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Introducing our handcrafted Lampwork Glass Pendants, where artistry meets elegance. Each pendant is meticulously created with vibrant Murano glass, showcasing a symphony of colors that captivate the eye. Paired with a 4-strand cord necklace, this piece combines sophistication with a touch of bohemian flair. Adorn yourself with the unique beauty of these handcrafted pendants, a testament to the craftsmanship that turns every accessory into a wearable work of art. Elevate your style with the allure of Murano glass and make a statement that resonates with vibrant sophistication.


What is Lampwork ?

Lampwork beads are handcrafted glass beads created through a technique called lampworking. This method involves melting and shaping glass using a torch or lamp to form intricate and colorful designs. Lampworking has been practiced for centuries and has its roots in ancient times when oil lamps were used as a heat source.


Will the Glass Break ?

We take pride in the quality of our products, ensuring that each bead is meticulously crafted and annealed for optimal durability. While the annealing process significantly reduces the likelihood of breakage during normal wear, we understand that unforeseen circumstances may occur.

Hand Crafted Lampwork Pendants

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